Customer Service
Customer Service is the first and most important service we offer. We understand the importance of quality customer service and treating each customer equally, regardless of size. Customer Service is the driving force behind our company and its employees. With 24 hour on-call personnel, our customers know there is always someone just a phone call away.
Gases and Supplies
A-L Compressed Gases offers a variety of products and services. Not only do we provide welding supplies and gases, but we also provide medical and research supplies and gases. We provide gases for hospitals, medical facilities and research labs throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.
Cylinder Barcoding
A-L Compressed Gases barcodes each and every cylinder for every customer. This reduces lost cylinders and cylinder discrepencies if a cylinder were to get moved from one jobsite to another or if it was returned by a different customer. This ensures that each cylinder is returned to the correct job and customer. It is that little bit of extra that we incorporate into every aspect of our business to provide the best service in the industry.
Machine Sales and Rental
Whether you are looking to buy a new welding machine or just rent one one, we offer a full line of Tig, Mig, Stick, Automated, Engine Driven machines. We also offer Plasma Cutters. We carry all major brands including Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, ESAB, Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics and Hobart.
Machine, Torch and Regulator Repair
We know how expensive purchasing new equipment can be, that's why we offer a repair service to all our customers. It's just one more way for us to help our customers keep costs low and productivity high. We have Repair Tracking for all repair work done.
Welding Process
We offer a welding process consultation to all our customers. Getting the right weld can be a daunting task. We come to your shop and help you find the right mix in order to reduce spatter, cracks and consummable waste.
Cylinder Hydrotesting
Cylinder Hydrotesting is a service we offer to our customers who own their cylinders. Every cylinder needs to be recertified after a certain amount of time to ensure the integrity of the shell is safe to withstand the amount of pressure that will be put into the cylinder. Typically it takes about two weeks to complete a cylinder hydrotest.
Gas Manifold Sales and Installation
Gas manifold Systems are becoming more common and we are in the forefront. We install the manifolds as well as plumbing required to make your manifold as effective as possible.
Bulk Tank Sales and Installation
'Bigger is Better'. In a high production plant, truer words have never been spoken. We offer bulk tanks for those who have high demands where maintaining productivity is crucial.